Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Hair Transplant in Turkey
Transplantation in Turkey Hair is a method design that has been applied for 15 years to end the hair loss difficulty permanently. The hair loss problem, while damaging the self-image of a character, too brings psychological obstacles with it.

The difficulty of self-faith, which starts with the symptoms of closure and timidity, can affect all areas of our lives by causing other communication difficulty. Hair Transplantation is one of the most prevalent aesthetic procedures carried out in recent years. While the main causes of hair transplantation are genetic causes and an excess of testosterone hormone; Alopecia Areata, skin predicament, internal diseases, the use of various drugs, stress, psychological factors, and environmental factors can also cause permanent hair loss.

Alopecia Areata and Androgenetic alopecia, one of the most common difficulties in Central Asia, especially and Turkey as a result of the geographical place. For this reason alone, hair transplantation ranks as one of the most now click needed and performed actions in the last 15 years.

Hair Transplant

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